talks and seminars

here are some of our currently available  keynote talks, presentations and seminars – and we’re always happy to create something new to order!  To book please email  or call +44 (0)7565 219671.

The Creativity Connection – unpicking artists’ skill set for business growth and success in our wider society.                                                                                     Nikky Smedley                                                                                                                                           A hugely well received talk, first presented at the EU Presidency Conference, Creative and Cultural Crossovers in Riga, Latvia to representatives from all member state counties. at approximately 50:50.

Play. Laugh. Shut up
Nikky Smedley
Featured as a popular TEDx Talk at Warwick University, here Nikky shares her 3 secrets of non-verbal communication.

Teletubbies for Business                                                                                                         Nikky Smedley                                                                                                                                                Yes really! How some of the principles behind this hugely successful brand can help bring clarity in operations and communication. Initially created for British Chamber of Commerce in Lithuania.

Dreaming the Digital Age                                                                                                 Nikky Smedley                                                                                                                                     First presented at the International Education Forum – Schools in the Digital Age at radi!2015. This talk explores how we can maximise the really radical possibilities open to us in the digital age – by bravely changing our education system to increase mutual trust, respect, and faith in the capabilities of our children into  the 21st century.

Growing the Future                                                                                                                     Nikky Smedley
Business likes Innovation. Innovation in Business cannot flourish without creating independent, motivated, confident learners through our education system. This talk explores case studies from Primary, Secondary and SEN schools, giving examples of techniques used to ensure pupils understand their role and responsibilities for their own learning in the classroom. Areas covered include; Assessment Procedures; Challenging Gifted and Talented Students; Curriculum Design; Self-Analysis; Contextualised Learning and more.

Creative Business & The Business Of Creativity                                                     Nikky Smedley                                                                                                                                      This seminar addresses the stereotypical ideas around the concepts of Business and Creativity, and explores the skills needed to be successful in either or both. Through presentation, discussion and activities, we will see how to capitalise on common goals and crossovers; learn and gain from each other’s strengths whilst supporting each other’s weaknesses; increase mutual understanding and develop internal and external processes to raise ROI, both in terms of time and money.

Creativity for Life                                                                                                                    Nikky Smedley                                                                                                                              Written for the Keynote Contribution of the Nordic-Baltic Creativity Forum in Estonia 2014, this talk examines the nature of Creativity, its components and relations and its inherent importance in our lives, both as a society and in the development of the individual.

Greater than the sum of its parts                                                                                    Nikky Smedley and Nicola Richardson present a model for a 21st Century creative company, built around the fundamental components of successful collaboration. They reveal how this core value has helped changing cultures successfully navigate the precarious economic and funding landscape of the last few years.

Not just a pretty space: Creative Learning environments for successful education                                                                                                                                  Nicola Richardson                                                                                                                        Learning Environments need to encourage collaboration and active involvement in a lesson rather than remaining  a static ‘chalk and talk’ configuration if we are to educate learners to excel in the 21st century. What does a Creative school look and feel like?  How can an environment impact on Teaching and Learning?

Engage ABC
Michael Supple
No matter what the setting, problems arise when there is dis-engagement, and conversely, if everyone involved in a project, or a piece of work, or a particular area is completely engaged – issues such as disruption, or motivation, or concentration don’t even enter the equation. This talk explores how engagement is the key to improving Achievement, Behaviour and Content across any sector.

Designing the Solution
Nicola Richardson
We want our workforce to be innovative, insightful and prepared to solve any problems that might arise.  As an Artist and Designer Nicola shares components of her creative process and how these steps can transfer to any business for success.




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