our associates

although the directors of changing cultures having a broad range of expertise – we can’t do everything. . . .

but if we can’t do it, we generally know someone who can.

in fact, as keen collaborators, we are always delighted to invite associates with specialist knowledge and experience to work with us.
here are a selection of brilliant people we’ve worked with regularly . . .

social_media_avatarashley james brown – an ‘experience designer’ working with a variety of technologies and digital medium to create interactive installations, games/play spaces and mobile applications/games. 


Gus Garsidegus garside  – an experienced facilitator, musician, project manager, consultant and supporter in working with people with a learning disability and people with mental health issues.


mathewmathew beckett – a director, film maker, DoP, professional musician/sound artist and creative advocate with broadcast and feature film credits.


chrischris cuthbert – has worked in arts and entertainment for approaching 20 years. Initially specialising in sound at mac and Birmingham Rep along with running a series of recording studios in the area, in 2000 he moved away to take an opportunity in Internet broadcasting for Europe and America. Returning to Birmingham in 2005 he established his own company Acquis Media supplying support nationally for arts projects.