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Lovely Lithuania

Lucky me! I’m in Lithuania again for the beginning of November.    Vilnius is such a beautiful and historic city, filled with lovely people and great food. On this occasion, I’m giving a couple of presentations and running several training … Continue reading

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Creative Business and the Business of Creativity

I’m so happy to be back in Estonia, holding a seminar for Loov Eesti (Creative Estonia) in Tallinn, as part of their event – “Lost in translation. How to gain from cross-sectorial cooperation?” For anyone who would like to have a … Continue reading

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From Ideas to Reality

I have realised (I know that many have already realised this) that London is an entirely different country to the rest of England.  It has it’s own culture, own style of infrastructure and its own economy.  Why has this suddenly … Continue reading

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5 Top Tips To Make Information Interesting

So you’ve got a roomful of people in front of you, whether or not they want to be, and you have some information to pass on that you really want them to take on board – whether it’s an internal … Continue reading

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One of the things that makes being part of changing cultures so exciting – and, we believe, so innovative – is how our beliefs and values drive our business model. We started discussing what our main focus might be for this year’s … Continue reading

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Case study: Vistage UK Ltd

Since 1957, Vistage has been improving the effectiveness and enhancing the lives of business leaders by bringing together successful MDs, CEOs, executives and business owners into private advisory groups. In a Vistage group, about a dozen executives meet once a … Continue reading

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Cos we are living in a cereal world, and I am just a cereal girl.

I was recently asked to facilitate a session for artists after a networking breakfast to set the tone of the day and begin artists thinking about their offers for children/young people and schools in general. Taking on the idea of … Continue reading

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