table trade

tabletradetable trading 

we at changing cultures pride ourselves on being a truly creative 21st century company.

we apply to ourselves the same rigorous dedication to innovative but practical solutions that we bring to our clients.

so what about the question of where we work when we want to come together as a company?

we don’t have an office
we don’t want one
our geographical spread is wide
hot-desking just doesn’t do it for us

so we’ve invented table trading – and it goes like this . . .

we borrow a room (with a table in it!) from you, and have our meeting in residence in your office for most of the day, for nothing.

then for the final hour of the day, we are yours to do with as you will – yes – we offer you an appropriate service from our suite of expertise, for nothing.

this could be anything from the bite-sized for business menu.

and if you are a hotel or conference centre, we may be able to come to an arrangement whereby you can offer our services as part of your package to your clients.

in the current climate, you may have noticed bargaining and barter becoming ever more fashionable and prevalent, and we think table trading is a win/win arrangement.

so far we are  table trading with Financial Firms; Computer Stores; Government Agencies; Hotels; Arts Organisations and Schools.

so why not try it with us in 2016…..


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