ashley james brown

social_media_avatarAshley is a digital artist based in Coventry. He works with a variety of technologies and digital media to create interactive installations, games/play spaces and mobile applications/games.

His work has spanned music and sound production, film scores, interactive and digital art installations, iOS/Android development, mobile and locative based augmented experiences, custom electronic interfaces and electronic instrument creation. He has a strong international relationship with digital artists in Poland, France, Germany and USA.

“I enjoy working collaboratively with other artists to combine disciplines to further broaden my artistic development and evolve the work that I create.

The relationship between physical form and digital code of how the abstract imperceptible world combines with the senses is something that fascinates me and drives my work. Digital art for me is about combining code and aesthetics with engagement and enjoyment through a physical sense.

Above all, I aim to create memorable playful experiences. Hence the grand title of Experience Designer.”