conference connect – making networking work

Creative_Enterprise_Conference_Oct13_052_zps447b872chow often is the Networking Time included in a conference event actually taken up with having a cup of coffee with the person you arrived with, or the first person you met at breakfast?

changing cultures has an easily transferable model – originally developed for the hugely successful Creative Pie conferences at the Belgrade Theatre – which we can modify for your particular audience, to help your event shine, by:-

–  inviting delegates to create online contacts prior to the event, with  profiling that goes beyond the normal, dry, “what is your business?” questions – generating enthusiasm for the event in advance.

–  using design expertise to create an environment to inspire conversation, and an atmosphere that expands the impact of your conference beyond the presentations and exhibitions.

–  utilising some really brilliant technology to make linking contacts really easy and – yes, it’s true – fun!

–  bringing hugely experienced and effective facilitators to ensure that contacts and conversations abound; in person; via social media and networks; and with a constantly updated visual representation in situ so delegates can keep up to date with the ever increasing relationship-building at your event.

–  extending this contact and community online, after the conference, to bring additional value and impact beyond the event itself.

–  adding value to the experience and therefore encouraging repeat attendance and growth in profile year on year.

email to discuss how changing cultures could support your conference or event.

“changing culturesConference Connect idea is brilliant – it gently pulls people out of their boring, British, bad-at-networking, don’t-talk-till-spoken-to, don’t-meet-anyone manner, and makes them far better, fun and engaging networkers. When you hear about it, yes, it sounds a bit cheesy, but when you see and experience it at work, it’s magic. At the event I attended, lots of awkward strangers soon became a bunch of buzzing conversationalists. And everyone seemed to be making good connections. I know I did.”   James Wallman , LS:N Global – The Future Laboratory

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