Lovely Lithuania

Lucky me! I’m in Lithuania again for the beginning of November.   Vilnius_montage2

Vilnius is such a beautiful and historic city, filled with lovely people and great food.

On this occasion, I’m giving a couple of presentations and running several training sessions, so for those of you who would like a closer look at some of the visuals or references I include – here are the relevant links.

Thank you for having me!

My TED talk :

My presentation ‘The Creativity Connection’ from the EU Presidency conference on ‘Cultural and Creative Crossovers’ is here at about 50:50 :

My Storytelling website :

Teletubbies for Business Prezi :

Kikas Prezi : 

The full study around the ‘7 Step Model’ :

“What’s Next?” conference Prezi :

Barclaycard Project Managers Prezi, “Together Apart” :

Barclays Talent Programme Prezi, “Truthfulness and Creativity :

And here is the “Creative Future” Manifesto:

What I would like to see next for EDUCATION – CREATIVITY – TECHNOLOGY

-Increased valuing of creative process and creative product throughout society

-A greater belief, faith and trust in the ability of children to figure it out for themselves

-Greater autonomy and decision making by the occupants of any given classroom / learning space

-High valuation of the importance of play as an effective learning tool

-Every Individual to have meaningful understanding and ownership of their educational development


-An acknowledgement that learning can, and should, be fun

-A re-assessment and re-valuing of the status of Creative endeavour in our society

-A recognition of the many ways that creativity manifests itself, and how everyone is capable of utilising creative competencies

-Priority placed on building self-confidence, in any individual’s learning and creativity, to maximise their imagined future selves

-More widespread use of mentoring to develop personal growth

-Greater focus on a wider cultural and societal worth, which will in turn bring monetary worth

-To fit learning to the child, rather than the other way round

-An alteration in the priorities that define success

-Technological advances that are explicit about the benefit to the ordinary populace

-Reduction of fear, replaced by support of experiment

-Rewarding creativity in school, commerce and society
To help shift education to focus more on the personal development of the child

To raise the status of creativity in our society

To use high quality and outcome-appropriate technological tools to help us get there.

To pressure government and ruling bodies

To train and support businesses, educators and leaders

To incentivise creativity in culture and commerce

To make the changes we need to build the Creative Future we want

I hope delegates chew it over and comment and so forth …..please, please engage, I’d love to know your responses.

Thank you.


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