Case study: Cardinal Wiseman Environments

Cardinal Wiseman is a Catholic Secondary School in Coventry.  The changing cultures team has been worked with the school since 2007 as part of the Creative Partnership programme in Coventry.  Nicola has worked as their Creative Agent since the outset, and continues to work with the school, while the rest of the team have supported with various projects.

Most notably changing cultures has been working with Cardinal Wiseman to develop learning environments to support students and staff.  This has happened through consultation, training and design expertise.   We have worked to re-design and re-purpose spaces, as well as supporting the development of classroom displays to enhance teaching and learning.  Re-design has included the main reception; school hall; canteen; literacy and mathematics intervention spaces; alternative learning environments and the development of a resource room.

One of our skills is an expert understanding of design and the psychology of spaces and how to develop them to impact on learning, social welbeing and productivity.


The school environment reflects the schools values and ethos and was recently praised in the section 48 inspection.  It has impacted on both staff and students morale and attitudes to teaching and learning.  The National Survey of Teachers  from the CfSS 2012-13 reported that the staff room is seen as a welcoming place to be by 91% of staff compared to 60% national average, and 43% of the staff in 2008.  The general physical environment of the school was also higher than average.

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