you know that changing cultures are always looking to push paradigms and challenge habitual behaviours – including our own –  so our creative brains are currently exploring those ‘out of the box’ territories to

 re-invent, re-inform and re-invigoratethe meeting table

and as part of our research, we are asking our business friends to help us – like this:

please send us a photograph of the table you are sat around, the next time you have a meeting. . . . perhaps you have zoned out of one right now to read this ?! ;-)))                   this isn’t a competition – all the photographs are of tremendous value to us – but everyone who takes part in this research will have their details entered into a prize draw to win a free 30 minutes workshop on PHYSICAL SIGNALLING – if you want to find out our top tips for easily projecting yourself in your best light and reading how others are feeling – then this is for you.

so please – take a quick snapshot of the table you’re all sitting around and either tweet it to @culturechangers with #tabletrade or forward it to:


this offer is open until April 30th – we look forward to hearing from you and receiving your photos before then – the winner will be informed by the end of April, and by submitting, it means you’ll be on our mailing list to find out where the research led – in the meantime, check out:


thank you so much for being part of changing cultures.

 warmest wishes from us all

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