engagementOne of the things that makes being part of changing cultures so exciting – and, we believe, so innovative – is how our beliefs and values drive our business model.

We started discussing what our main focus might be for this year’s training programme, both in education and in business, by unpicking and analysing our experiences through 2013.

Although we’ve worked very broadly through the past year – whether with CEOs, SLTs, Arts and Cultural organisations or on-the-ground teaching – the same theme came up again and again in our reflective conversations.


No matter what the setting, problems arise when there is dis-engagement, and conversely, if everyone involved in a project; or a piece of work; or a particular area; is completely engaged – issues such as disruption, or motivation, or concentration don’t even enter the equation.

When we came at the question from the other direction – i.e. what areas of training do our clients in education and business want to focus on in 2014 – we actually came to the same conclusion.

Schools have been telling us that key issues for them are:

Attainment. Behaviour. Curriculum.

and business leaders are interested in:

Achievement. Behaviours. Content.

It is our deeply held belief that these ABCs are most effectively addressed through the E of Engagement – and so we have developed EngageABC.

So how do you get that engagement? Well, we don’t want to give away our secrets right here and now – but we have tried and tested techniques and skills to pass on, to enable greater personal and group awareness to give every individual involved in any project; classroom; organisation or quest; a true sense of commitment to the common goal and to his or her personal development.

Once the work itself can be held in true worth, with each individual aware of the essential value of their contribution, you will have total engagement, and the ability to go way beyond ABC.

If you’re interested in finding out more – please do get in touch,

07565 219671


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