The Art of Collaboration


It doesn’t seem possible that a month has passed since Nikky and I delivered our keynote speech about collaboration at Creative Pie, but it has.

While the event came and went in the blink of an eye, collaboration remains consistent in our practice and we are passionate about the science behind the skill.  So much so, we had a stab at defining collaboration as an equation.

equationThinking back to our first attempt to collaborate with each other (initially a disaster) and our subsequent triumphs we think the above represents our approach.

I also think our artistic backgrounds influence our desire to truly immerse ourselves in the collaborative process.  Wanting to create something completely unique together that we couldn’t do apart, learning from each other: doing more than working on the same project, at the same time in the same room.  That said, artistic endeavours are often a solo journey exploring and expressing your own thoughts and feelings.  Not everyone is open to sharing their vision or process, and that’s ok.  But for us it is a powerful tool we wouldn’t want to stop using.

It all comes down to balance.  The above equation works when the elements in it are balanced, as a whole and individually: awareness of internal and external dialogue, energy, confidence; communication; respect; truth and trust.

Sadly the sound and visuals weren’t collaborating at the event, and we are without a video. However you can view our prezi accompanying our talk here  or bookings can be made at

happy collaborations

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