Learning Olympics

With everyone gearing up to London 2012, how are you celebrating the Olympics in your school?

here’s a guest blog from one of our clients who recently worked with us through our new package – the learning olympics :

“The aim of the learning olympics came about as we wanted the pupils to recognise their own learning, give them opportunities for all to be seen by their peers to be successful and challenge them in formulating their own ideas into a pupil-led celebration of achievement.

What instinctively happened was that many brilliant and creative ideas were forthcoming immediately and our role became that of facilitator and voice of reason in providing as many of the opportunities as was humanly possible.

The range of ideas were surprising to the adults and made us realise how differently the children’s way of thinking was compared to ours, affecting their choice of events.

On the day of the learning olympics we had no idea how it would work – we knew how important it would be to ensure everyone felt their activity was valued and we were mindful to allow enough time for each event.

All the children took part in at least two events, all judged at least one event, and all equally enjoyed being part of the audience.

Yes it was chaotic at times, yes it was noisy and yes it was most definitely hard work holding it all together – but it was also incredibly rewarding; to see the pride in their faces when they took part, when they clapped and cheered each other on, when they received their scores and homemade medals.

They were proud of what they achieved, were diplomatic when the judges chose their winners, were noble in defeat and most of all there was incredible recognition of the effort put in by their peers to have a go at challenges they would not normally have attempted.”

Cherril Day. KS1 Co-Ordinator, Studley Community Infant School.

so why not join in this exciting project as a step on your way to seeing how genuine pupil-led learning can enhance your results and develop your children as independent learners?

we can provide this project over varying timelines, with input from one of our
culture changers being tailor made to suit your needs.

for more information contact:


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